Grisbi Industrias Têxteis

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Grisbi Industrias Têxteis

The buildings to house the production of textiles, in the Camaçari industrial plant, state of Bahia, do not constitute an opera aperta, intentionally incomplete and conceived with the participation of the viewer or user in mind. Nor are they an opera incompiuta, the product of a design process abandoned before term. It is a complete project, although construction was interrupted by the sale of the estate and by lack of interest on part of the new owner, therefore condemning the whole to a situation of premature ruin.


In this project, along with attention to the requirements of the brief related to the technological production which is the starting point for the design of any building designed for industrial ends, the architects privileged the adaptation of the buildings to the physical/geographical and cultural environment. The result was a highly expressive architectonic design, economically oriented: reduced construction costs due to the use of local labour force and materials; energy saving due to an innovative scheme that increased thermal comfort; greater production efficiency resulting from the study and rationalization of the plans and the location of the installations on the site.


SANTOS, Cecilia Rodrigues dos – Grisbi Textile Factory.

In: CALDEIRA, Vasco; FANUCCI, Francisco; FERRAZ, Marcelo; SANTOS, Cecilia Rodrigues dos – Francisco Fanucci, Marcelo Ferraz: Brasil Arquitetura Studio. São Paulo: Cosac Naify, 2005.


Francisco Fanucci, Marcelo Ferraz e Marcelo Suzuki

25781 m2

Camaçari, BA

2nd International Architecture Biennial in São Paulo - awarded project
Francisco Fanucci, Marcelo Ferraz: Brasil Arquitetura Studio

Francisco Fanucci, Marcelo Ferraz: Brasil Arquitetura Studio
são paulo, sp, 2005
cosac naify

Caderno de Boas Práticas
Grisbi Industrias Têxteis Camaçari, Bahia, 1980
Grisbi Industrias Têxteis
Page 17-18

Opera Interrotta
Grisbi Industrias Têxteis
Page 38-45